= Shawn + Internet

  • Sometimes my life serves as an example of “what not to do” for others.  Tonight would be a shining example of that…

    So, Pod and I went to our local theater to catch a showing of Kevin Smith’s new movie: Zack and Miri Make a Porno.  Being a good little movie goer I dutifully set both my phones to silent mode before the show.  

    You may be thinking: Both of your phones?  Yep, I have a strong need to seperate my work and home resources as much as possible.  I have two phones as a result.  Now, normally I don’t carry both around after work.  Today however, I hadn’t been home for more than a few minutes before running out for food and the movie.  I didn’t even have time to drop off my work phone.  I also don’t normally turn off my work phone.  Being a BlackBerry, if I turn it off it does all kinds of weird things to my e-mail timestamps when I turn it back on.  See, RIM, in their infinate wisdom, thought it would make a ton of sense to timestamp your e-mails when they arrive on the phone.  Not when they arrive on the server like every other e-mail client in the world does.  So, if I turn my phone off at night, when I turn it on the next morning it will look like I received a bunch of e-mails at the exact time I turned it back on.  There, you see?  A little method to my madness…

    Meanwhile, back in Shawn-makes-an-ass-of-himself land…

    Thoughout the movie my pocket kept buzzing.  I didn’t want to be a bad movie citizen so I ignored the buzzes thinking I would see what was so crazy important after the film.  As the credits are rolling I check my iPhone.  Nope, no new events there.  I then check my BlackBerry and see that I am in the middle of a call to my BOSS!!!

    *keep reading once you have stopped laughing*

    Checking my call log, I see that I pocket dialed MY BOSS 5 times during the movie.

    *I’d wait for you to catch your breath, it’s gets worse…*

    Then I checked my messages and I see these from MY BOSS

    BOSS 8:49:02PM: Your phone keeps calling me.  Are you missing me that much?

    BOSS 8:53:44PM: Your phone has called me 3 times now.

    BOSS 9:49:04PM: Hello shawn.  Your phone has called me 5 times.

    *No hard feelings if you need to take a break.  I’ll be here when you get back.*

    I think to myself: HOLY F**K!  I just pocket dialed my boss 5 times!  Well, it could have been worse.  I SMSed my boss with this:

    Me: 9:50:34PM: Crap!!! Sorry about that.  Guess I am in for some ribbing tomorrow…

    To which, my boss replied (Here’s where it get’s worse):

    BOSS 9:51PM:  Hahaha.  Well, I have a 2 minute voice mail with the f bomb about a billion times in it.  What ever you were watching was bringing it!  See you tomorrow.

    *Did I mention that it was a Kevin Smith movie we were watching?  One called ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO!!!*


    The good news is that my boss is a really cool guy with an awesome sense of humor.  The bad news is that my boss is a really cool guy with an awesome sense of humor.  Which means I probably won’t be fired, but I will be the target of quite a few jokes.

     Tomorrow’s going to be a great day.  *sigh*


    BTW: The movie was great!