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  • Adventures in bad marketing

    I was making an unplanned stop into the Costco near my work a couple of days ago and happened acroess a fairly good deal for USB memory.  3 4GB USB memory sticks with retractable connectors for $30!

    12GB of gadgetry

    12GB of gadgetry

    So I picked them up and made it all the way back to my office before I noticed this little gem of a message on the packaging…

    No, no, no, it really does say: "Now packaged with less plastic"

    No, no, no, it really does say "Now packaged with less plastic":

    Well, that’s noble.  Let’s see that “less plastic” next to a fairly popular book:

    Size: Freakin huge

    Size: Freakin huge

    Really?  Less plastic?  How much freakin plastic did it used to have?

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6 Responses to “Adventures in bad marketing”

  1. … wow. At least half of that package could not exist without affecting….. anything.

    /rolls eyes. Less plastic.

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